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What did you get from santa?
Moderators: FroadeL, Ryky, FRAG, Westfield
Author Post
Tue Dec 25 2012, 10:06pm

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sat Jan 31 2009, 06:08pm
Posts: 1956
I dont know what you lot got from santa or anyone else but I'm well happy with the gift my girlfriend got me..

I got a Corsair 240gb SSD drive and a SATA3 card, I've just wanged windows on and currently copying stuff from my Veloci Raptor RAID setup (which is great by the way) and I'm impressed. Now I can have an improvement on performance and no noise of the 2x raptor drives, I'll even be able to disconnect the 12cm fan I've got installed at the front of my case to keep them cool... so even quieter!

sometimes it is worth having a girlfriend.. marry christmas every one!
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Wed Dec 26 2012, 07:20am
Registered Member #120
Joined: Wed Jul 15 2009, 09:42pm
Posts: 273
thats sick! frodo u have a girlfriend or a wife?
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Wed Dec 26 2012, 05:48pm

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sat Jan 31 2009, 06:08pm
Posts: 1956
girlfriend, she's someone else's wife!
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Sun Jan 06 2013, 07:51pm
Registered Member #119
Joined: Mon Jul 13 2009, 05:05pm
Posts: 68
ah... i didn'tget anything from santa -.-
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Sat Jan 26 2013, 06:45pm
Registered Member #335
Joined: Sun Apr 25 2010, 12:12pm
Posts: 196
Frodo is imba, he dated santa's wife.
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15 Mar : 00:41
might be time to scrub this abandoned site!
06 Aug : 09:46
thought i would wake the chatbox up = D
08 Feb : 15:52
Updated discord invite link:
03 Feb : 09:09
Ahhh the cod days thats when i joined = )
03 Feb : 08:18
Gone back to the original theme!

God bless the old COD4 days!

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